Australian Bernedoodle-Facts and Info

An Australian Bernedoodle is a result of mixing several breeds of dogs. We know the fact that all types of Doodles are a mixture of a Poodle and some other dogs. When it comes to the breed of Australian Bernedoodle, this dog is a mixed breed of an Australian Labradoodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Australian Bernedoodle-Facts and Info
Australian Bernedoodle-Facts and Info

It is a fact that Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid breed and Bernese Mountain Dog is also a breed. We can say that Australian Bernedoodle is a mixture of Poodle, English Cocker Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniels, and American Cocker Spaniel. The reason for mixing the breeds of the above-mentioned dogs was to produce a dog that may have a non-shedding coat, gentle, intelligent, Energetic, Loving, and easily trainable.

Look of an Australian Bernedoodle

The physical look of an Australian Bernedoodle depends on its parents breed. An Australian Bernedoodle looks cute and has a lot of attraction. The size of this dog is medium and also comes a beautiful colors mix of brown, white, and black.


The key parent breeds of Australian Bernedoodle are with a good temperament. There is a lot of research behind the choosing of the breeds of Australian Bernedoodle. This is a common thing that the temperament of any hybrid dogs depends on its breeds, training, and how this dog was raised. If we give a lot of attention and proper training to a hybrid dog, the temperament of that dog may good. The breeds that were used in the production of an Australian Bernedoodle like Irish water spaniel, American cocker spaniel, Poodles, Labrador retriever, English cocker spaniel are known for their excellent temperaments.

Australian Bernedoodle-Facts and Info
Australian Bernedoodle-Facts and Info

Key Qualities

The Australian Bernedoodle is the result of some mixed breeds that have excellent qualities. It has almost all qualities that a dog lover may be looking for. Some of the key benefits of having an Australian Bernedoodle are mentioned under:


Australian Bernedoodle has almost no chances of shedding. This dog is easy to maintain and the best option for dog lovers who suffer from some kind of allergies and asthma.

Life Span

The life span of an Australian Bernedoodle is greater than its parents breeds and also from bernedoodle. The average life span of this dog can be from 13 to 19 years.


An Australian Bernedoodle has all qualities of its parents breeds. This dog highly intelligent and have the ability to learn things quickly.

Easy to Train

Australian Bernedoodle is loyal and keeps trying to please its owner. The training of this dog is also very easy as it has good learning skills. You should start the training of your Australian Bernedoodle when they are puppies to get excellent results. You had to pay proper attention, a lot of love, and also provide the opportunities to learn new things.

Good Behavior

The behavior of an Australian Bernedoodle is excellent with the kids, family members, other pets, and even with strangers. Australian Bernedoodle is a playful dog who loves to spend time with the children. If someone asks the question Is an Australian Bernedoodle is good for the kids. we may say that it is the best choice for you if you have some kids at home.

Exercise Requirements

Some exercises are required for the physical and mental health of an Australian Bernedoodle. A Daily walk of twenty to thirty minutes is necessary. An Australian Bernedoodle can a good partner of you on a walk. This dog doesnt need a lot of places and can adjust to a small apartment where it completes its exercises.

Food or Diet

Proper food or diet if necessary for an Australian Bernedoodle for good health. You should fulfill the nutritional requirements of this dog as it needs 1,400 calories per day which you should divide in two to three times a day.

Health Issues

The Australian Bernedoodles are naturally healthy dogs but have some general health issues. The common health issues in an Australian Bernedoodle are Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia.


Some cute and beautiful pictures of Australian Bernedoodle are here.

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