Australian Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

Australian Goldendoodle or Australian Labradoodle is the result of the crossing of an Australian Labradoodle and an English Goldendoodle. This dog is also known as Goldendoodle and is called Australian due to the location where they were bred the first time. This dog was bred in the early 90s to have a dog that may good for the people with allergies and many other qualities. The primary breeds of this dog are a Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, and Curly Coated Retriever.

Australian Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info
Australian Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

Characteristics & Looks

The loos of an Australian Goldendoodle are just perfect and are loved by the dog lovers in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. The dark brown eyes and big with round eyes of this dog makes it unique. The nose of this dog is large and square-shaped. The color of the nose of this dog can be rosy brown, pink, and black which depending on the hue of its coat. This dog has some curl over its back and its tail follows the topline when this dog is running.

Australian Goldendoodle Measurements.

Australian Goldendoodle lies in three categories, which are small, medium and large. Australian Goldendoodle Measured by different range or size which are as follows.

Small Size

Height:14 to 16 inches at wither
Weight: 15 to 25 pounds(7kg to 12kg)

Medium size

Height:17 to 20 inches(44cm to 50cm)
Weight: 30 to 45 pounds.

Standard size

Height:20 to 23 inches(52cm to 62 cm)
Weight: 50 to 65 pounds.

Australian Goldendoodles Training

Australian Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

Australian Goldendoodles are very intelligent and playful. Their training abilities are much easier as compared to others. Australian Goldendoodles are loyal and loving. training is a necessary element for Australian Goldendoodles. Trainers are fully enjoyed with Australian Goldendoodles. Australian Goldendoodles have wonderful behavior with kids and other pets.trainers must know how to stop the nipping and biting of Australian Goldendoodles. Some training tricks like tell the Australian Goldendoodles to go to your box notice towards the box with a and basic skills are needed for Australian Goldendoodles obediency, like what to feed your doodles, how to potty. These rules easily picked by the Australian Goldendoodles.

Australian Goldendoodles Health Issues

Australian Goldendoodles is a healthy dog naturally bit some Cross-breeds or mating inherit most health issues that cause their parents, some of them that Australian Goldendoodles faces are as follow:

Exercise Needs of Australian Goldendoodle

The Australian Goldendoodle adjusts itself in each and every kind of houses but this dog still needs regular exercise. You should keep you Australian Goldendoodle happy because some unwanted behaviors can happen when this dog gets bored. You have to provide a lot of activities to your Australian Goldendoodle to keep it active. The energy level of this dog is low to moderate and this dog needs almost 40 to 50 minutes strolling daily. This dog can be your good companion on a long walk, jogging, or hiking and even hunting. This dog loves water. If you have the facility of swimming pool, take this dog with you. This dog also loves to play in fenced backyards. With physical health, this dog also needs mentally relaxed too. Give your Australian Goldendoodle a lot of entertainment to keep it calm and happy.

Coat And Color of Australian Goldendoodle

An Australian Goldendoodle comes in a lot of colors like apricot, parti, black, white, chocolate, and many more colors. This is a dog that has three different types of coats. These types of coats are mentioned under:

Wool-Textured: This coats has a feel like cotton and is like a lamb of the wool. It has a looser spiral that makes it easy to open up the skin.

Hair-Coat: This type of coat is required low maintenance. It can be slightly wavy or straight. This coat type is excellent if you like long or short-haired dogs.

Fleece Textured: These types of coats are silky and can be straight or open or wavy.


Australian Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

The temperament of an Australian Goldendoodle is amazing when this is in a good mood. The behavior of this dog is good with the family members, children, and other pets. This dog feels good with it has the company of other pets. This dog has qualities like loyalty, social, and clever. If the dog was trained socially well, the behavior of this dog is very friendly.

Food & Diet

You have to provide the best nutrition food to your Australian Goldendoodle, therefore, you should choose a species-appropriate and high-quality diet. Dry food is always good for this dog. Give good to this dog divided into two to three times a day instead of giving once.

Recognized Clubs

Australian Goldendoodle is recognized by the Labradoodle Association of Australia (LAA), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), and the International Australian Labradoodle Association. The American Kennel Club has not still recognized this dog.

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