Bernedoodle Dog Information That You Should Know

Bernedoodle is also known as Burma Doodle, Bernesepoo, Bernesedoodle, Bernepoo, and Bernese Mountain Poo. Bernedoodle is a crossbreed of a poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. Sherry Rupke breed this dog back in 2003. These dogs are in high demand nowadays because of their adorable looks and other qualities.

Bernedoodle Dog Informations That You Should Know
Bernedoodle Dog Informations That You Should Know

Looks & Size

Bernepoos are beautiful and attractive dogs. These dogs have a wavy or curly coat that often come in multiple colors, with patches of brown, black, and white. They have straight and fine hair. Because of their coat and color, these dogs are often referred to as teddy bears.

Mini Bernedoodle Size

Hight: 16 to 23 inches
Weight: 24 to 48 pounds. Which is equal to 11 to 22 kgs.

Standard Bernedoodle Size

Hight: 22 to 29 inches. Which is equal to 58 to 74 cm.
Weight: 68 to 91 pounds. Which is equal to 31 to 42 kgs


As we know that Bernedoodle is the cross of the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog, so these dogs are playful, friendly dogs for the family. These dogs are loving and energetic with the children. These dogs love to spend time with everyone in the family. Bernedoodle is also comfortable with other pets.


Bernesedoodles needs some exercises for physical and mental stimulation. They love fenced backyards because to run and explore and they fit well in busy households. These dogs can be your companion on walks and hikes. You have to be careful while exercising your burnedoodle. You should start the exercise of your bernedoodle when they are over two years old.


You should start the training of your bernesedoodle at an early age because, after the age of two more than two years, it is difficult to train these dogs properly. Tolerance in preparing these canines will go far. You have to teach your bernedoodle the difference between right and wrong, but dont try to be more strict because they love to be treated with kindness.


Bernedoodle doesnt have fur, Instead, it has hair. You should brush your bernedoodle dogs hair three to four times a week. Regular brushing will help rid the coat of dead hair. These pets love the extra attention. You have to take your dog to the professional groomer six to eight weeks gap when your dogs are at the age of near about 9 months. Wash your dog once in each month.


Bernedoodle needs the right diet for highly individualized. You should provide daily nutritional requirements and thats why you should choose the right food. Generally, a bernedoodle dog would need 1,600 calories which is equal around 3 cups of kibble daily. Different sizes need different calories. You should provide food to your bernedoodle at least four times in 24 hours.

Tiny Bernedoodle: 450 to 900 calories
Standard Bernedoodle: 1,300 to 1,900 calories
Mini Bernedoodle: 800 to 1,450 calories

Bernedoodle Qualities.

  • Less wellbeing worries when contrasted with other canine breeds.
  • The best family hounds that become a perfect partner of each individual from the family.
  • They are feathery just as hypoallergenic and low-shedding.
  • To keep them sound and dynamic, normal exercise is vital for them, particularly in the early long periods of their life.
  • They can be kept in a home, for example, a condo or an enormous measured home.
  • They are a consideration searcher and love to be thought about and treated as a genuine relative.
  • Swimming, running, playing, and running is their most loved interest.
  • Social with different creatures and pets.
  • Additionally a decent breed for a solitary living individual.

Health Issues

Generally, bernedoodles are healthy but there there are some common diseases that they inherit from the poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Elbow Dysplasia is a common disease that may infect your dog. Hip Dysplasia is another painful disease that is common in large-sized bernedoodles.

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