Blue French Bulldog Facts & Complete Info

Blue French Bulldog is a small-sized dog and its temperament of this dog is different from a typical dog. Blue French Bulldog is a better companion and is not a protector dog. This dog came into existence by crossbreeding local ratters in France and the English bulldog ancestors. The journey of this dog stated fro, Nottingham, England.

Blue French Bulldog Facts & Complete Info
Blue French Bulldog Facts & Complete Info

The thing that makes this dog famous, is its bluish-colored fur which is also known as grey or mouse. This dog is not considered as a pure-blood French bulldog because they were being inbred with other blue-related canines and this is also the reason why the American Kennel Club did not approve blue Frenchies.


The behavior of a Blue French Bulldog is different from a typical French Bulldog. This dog loves to relax. This dog does not need a lot of exercise or training. This dog is known to love with its owners and really enjoys playing with. The behavior of this dog is good with the kids, family members, and even with the other pets and animals. A Blue French Bulldog sits on the feet of its owner when it is on the walk. This thing is very rear that this dog loves its owner very much at any time. You need no worry about the loss of this dog.

Types of a Blue French Bulldog

There are almost four different color variations in a Blue French Bulldog that are mentioned under:

  • Solid Blue French Bulldog

This type of Blue French Bulldog had solid blue fur. The coat of this dog is completely blue without any patches or marking on it.

  • Blue Pied French Bulldog

This type of Blue French Bulldog had the patches and marks of white color on the fur, bellies, and other body parts on paws or around eyes.

  • Blue Merle French Bulldog

The coat of this type of Blue French Bulldog is colorful and these dogs are easy to identify. You can recognize this dog because of the white patches on the body of this dog.

  • Blue Brindle French Bulldog

Blue Brindle French Bulldog is near to white in color and has patches of blue hair. This is the most popular type in Blue French Bulldog.


We had mentioned above that a Blue French Bulldog does not need a lot of exercise and training but you have to start the basic training that this dog needs at the early stage of its age. A daily walk of just 10 minutes is necessary for this dog to keep it healthy and happy. This dog love when you take care of it and is known as an affectionate dog. If you dont pay proper attention, this dog becomes sad.

Never take Blue French Bulldog with you when you are going swimming. We know that this dog has short legs as compared to other breeds, so this dog doesnt have the qualities of swimming and it is very difficult for this dog to swim. You should put an eye on this dog when swimming.


The proper food and diet are necessary for the good health of Blue French Bulldog. You should regular in providing the food to this dog otherwise, it will get ill. The food of this dog should be divided into three times in the day. You have to provide the food that is full of nutrition as proper calories are necessary for the good health of this dog.

Health Issues

The coat of fur of a Blue French Bulldog is very thin and single and because of that, this dog is vulnerable to the diseases and is affected by the cold in the winter season and child air. You should provide a blanket to Blue French Bulldog when they are in winter or in the air-conditioned room. The change in temperature also can affect the health of this dog. Skin allergies are common in these dogs. As the skin of this dog is very thin, therefore, this dog suffers from rashes, puffy eyes, and other health issues. You should also clear the tear stains off your Blue French Bulldog.

The skin of Blue French Bulldog is very thin and needs proper care when giving a bath to this dog. You should select a good shampoo for the bat of this dog. The water that you use for the bath of this dog should not be very warm or cold. The paw pads of this dog should be smooth regularly as this dog can be affected while walking outside. In order to prevent this dog from paw allergies and ingrown nails, you should regularly trim them.

Shedding Requirements

Blue French Bulldog does not need a lot of shedding requirements. You need to shed a Blue French Bulldog just two times in a year and because of that, you dont need to worry about the shedding of Blue French Bulldog.


The size of Blue French Bulldog is small as compared to the other breeds. The small size of this dog makes it prone to a number of allergies. You have to spend some time and take care of this dog.


The difference between Blue French Bulldog is just because of color. Because of this difference in color, the price of this dog is double as compared to French Bulldog. The cost of this dog is also affected by the health of this dog, colors, and size. The average price of the puppies of Blue French Bulldog can be from 2,000 $ to 10,000 $.


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