Blue Nose Pitbull Facts and Info

Having Blue Nose Pitbulls around is a blessing as they cheer you at your worst and laugh along during your happy time. It’s time that instead of taking pain killers, we start taking Blue Nose Pitbulls in. Despite the fact that humans resent these rare dogs for their size and appearance yet they love humans to the core. They definitely give us life.

Blue Nose Pitbull Facts 2
Blue Nose Pitbull Facts

According to research when asked to pet a dog breed mainly a Pitbull, folk would be scared to do so! Why?

The reason is that Pitbulls are considered to be more dangerous and scary because of their size and are mostly not allowed in apartment buildings and houses. But in reality, this is a huge misconception due to a lack of adequate information. Pit bulls are the most beloved breed of dogs. They have served in the military, got featured in films, and have been man’s best friend for a very long period.

Although, Pitbulls were notorious in the US as well as internationally back in the decade for their aggressive attitude and their skills in hunting smaller prey. The negative media portrayal of their character led to them being banned from most areas and being labeled as a dangerous competent breed of dogs. Many organizations stood up for the key that whether such behaviors existed because of their prevailing owners or the wrong exposure to society. In this way, correctly labeling the facts, this breed was brought into light after a long struggle to inform people of its actual nature and its relationship with the environment.

What does a Blue Nose Pitbull look like?

Just like any other pit bull, they are sturdy and broad-chested with strong legs that are set very close to the ground. They have a confident stance and might even look very intimidating to people at times, but once you get to know them they’re just gigantic fluffy balls of teddy bears that are extremely sociable and kind.

Many famous people and celebrities keep these dogs in their houses for the company.

Recently, Blue Nose Pitbull has been introduced in the market as the latest breeder invention. A Blue Nose Pitbull is either an American Pitbull terrier or a Stafford Shire terrier or a mix of both. Their personality is like others in the pit bull breed. They are usually extremely loving, dorky, and mild-mannered incredibly trainable, and take commands well. These full of energy pooches are rare dogs that have a unique blue colored nose caused by recessive genes.

These specific genes make their coats a blue like color. Although the breeders were just experimenting for a different color coat they stumbled upon this rare breed of dog. It happened when the dominant genes of the male and female subsided to give side to the more recessive genes which resulted in the birth of the Blue Nose Pitbull.

These dogs symbolize bravery, loyalty, and determination. In this article, we will completely discuss the Bluenose Pitbull facts and info.

Interesting facts about blue nose Pitbull:-

  • They are extremely nice. Also known to be one of the nicest and beloved breeds of dogs. This has proven that they are much nicer and calmer than other dogs.
  • They can climb walls very easily. Their jump is considered to be longer than other dogs.
  • They are perfect as therapy dogs. If you are suffering from a headache then this dog is surely your stress reliever.

Studies have shown that having dogs in the house can reduce stress levels.

  • They do have emotional feelings and attachments (almost human-like) with human beings and get annoyed when you don’t give them their desired attention.
  • They have a strong sense of smell and can be useful for sniffing duties.
  • They are highly intelligent.
  • They work in search and rescue since they are athletic, energetic, love action, and do not hesitate to save a life.
  • They love friends and often work as nanny dogs or nursemaids due to their compassionate behavior.
  • They have a loving nature, stability, and loyalty towards humans more than any other dog.
  • Their nose color does not have to be always blue but can vary from shades of blue, grey, black, or even red.
  • The unique blue-grey tone is due to recessive phenotypes being produced.
  • They are an excellent breed for kids and active families. Their engagement with kids is one of their cutest traits
  • They require a little more training but it is worth for life long loving partner.
  • They have the ability to make rational as well as irrational decisions that are something very distinctive.
  • They are sensitive dogs that relate to their owners well.
  • They are stubborn and can hold grudges but not for long as they forgive and forget easily. (back to loving their owner)
  • They crave your attention more than anything else.
  • They show quick adaptation to the environment.
  • Blue Nose Pitbulls do not make good guard dogs because instead of scaring away the stranger(as a dog would usually do) they start playing with it.
  • They are good watchdogs that report all events to their owners faithfully.
  • This breed is not recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club).

Another important thing to remember is that pit bulls are not quite friendly with other animals (might that be because of their past history or they are just jealous). Hence, they should be taught socialization when young because teaching a full-grown pitbull will be relatively harder than it would be to teach a puppy to engage with other species (or maybe the same one)

Important statistics about blue nose Pitbull

Following are the basic stats of a full-grown healthy Blue Nose Pitbull:-

  • Height

21 inches

  • Weight

60 pounds

  • Approximate lifetime

8 to 15 years

All the basic information that you need to know before getting a Blue Nose Pitbull

How to Train your Blue Nose Pitbull?

Pit bulls are one of the most active dog breeds in the world. It requires a lot of exercises to keep them healthy and happy. It is easy to train your Pitbull because they’re smart enough to understand and remember your instructions. Obedience training is highly recommended for this particular breed because without proper exercise they might become aggressive.

Teach your Pitbull some basic commands like:-

  1. Sit
  2. Go
  3. Come
  4. Eat
  5. Sleep
  6. jump

What your Blue Nose Pitbull should be fed?

An active Blue Nose Pitbull burns about 18,000 calories per day. So they should be fed a high nutrient meal full of proteins as well as raw food. You should feed your Pitbull according to a diet plan approved by an expert veterinarian. In this way, his weight will be under check and he will not grow to be obese, something that is extremely unhealthy for his hefty frame.

What is the temperament of a Blue Nose Pitbull?

Pitbulls have a very calm temperament. If you get it under good care and feed it nutritious meals they do not become aggressive. They are an excellent breed for children. In this way, your pit bull can keep a watch over your child while you run an errand.

Health concerns of a Blue Nose Pitbull:

There are a number of health concerns regarding a Blue Nose Pitbull. Although they are a relatively healthy breed because of the recessive gene, they face a number of skin conditions that are:-

  1. Dermatitis
  2. Alopecia in Dogs
  3. Manga (skin disease caused by parasitic mites)

Symptoms are:-

  1. Hair loss
  2. Excessive itching
  3. Formation of scabs and lesions

Blue Nose Pitbull is prone to genetic problems because they are driven from a small gene pool. Hence they are more likely to suffer from:-

  1. Deafness
  2. Immune system dysfunction
  3. Poor vision

Also because of their hefty frames, they face joint problems and weight issues that can be solved by high-quality nutritionist food and regular exercise.

Also, when brushing your hands over their body, if you can feel the ribs then your dog is healthy (but should not be seeing them with your naked eyes because that would mean that they are underweight). And if you are unable to feel them, then they are probably obese which is a danger sign.

Moreover, these problems can be solved by medication and the advice of an expert veterinarian.

Hence, when buying a Blue Nose Pitbull one must look for ethical breeders, so the genetic problems can be avoided at all costs.

Grooming of a Blue Nose Pitbull

For grooming of a Blue Nose Pitbull brush their coats every once in a while. Give them a shower every few months or when needed. Try brushing their teeth regularly. Their eyes should be checked and cleaned from time to time. In order for the nails to not grow extremely big, they should be trimmed or filed with a metal filer. Since they are prone to skin problems so you should regularly check their coats often for any unusual thing.

Blue Nose Pitbull Facts and Info
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Blue Nose Pitbull Facts and Info
Having Blue Nose Pitbulls around is a blessing as they cheer you at your worst and laugh along during your happy time. It’s time that instead of taking pain killers, we start taking Blue Nose Pitbulls in. Despite the fact that humans resent these rare dogs for their size and appearance yet they love humans to the core. They definitely give us life.
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