Cavapoo-Facts About This Stunning Family Dog

Cavapoo is also known as Cavoodles and Cavapoos. This dog is a cross of two pure breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Cavapoo has a history of 70 years and is one of the first designer dogs. This dog is a low-shedding dog and is the first choice of the people who suffer from allergies.

Cavapoo-Facts About This Stunning Family Dog
Cavapoo-Facts About This Stunning Family Dog


Cavapoos was bred for the first time in 1950 in America for the production of low-shedding dogs and also should be suitable for the dog lovers who suffer from allergies. This dog is not only popular in the United Kingdom, but also in all over the world. Cavapoos dogs are loyal natures, affectionate, and kind. Cavapoo had inherited many traits from its parent breeds.


The round face, long floppy ears, and large almond-shaped eyes make Cavapoo a very attractive dog. Each and every Cavapoo is different in size, shape, and color, and coat texture. This difference is because of the parent breed. Cavapoo is a low-shedding dog and this the reason why they are very famous un the dog lovers. This dog has cute round face and soft to the touch floppy ears.


Cavapoo can be different in colors from the poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavapoo comes in a variety when it comes to the colors. The most common color of a cavapoo are white, gold, cream, fawn, chocolate, Chestnut, chestnut and white, and black.


The coat of a cavapoo is short and soft and they inherit this from their parent breed. This dog doesnt need shed and they do need regular haircuts. The popular haircut style of this dog is like the teddy bear.


The average size of a standard cavapoo is from 32 to 46 cm.


The weight of an average cavapoo is from 6 to 11 kgs.


The average lifespan of a cavapoo is from 13 to 16 years.


There are many personalities and characteristics which a cavapoo inherits from their parent breed. These dogs are loyal companions, affectionate, and friendly. A cavapoo is mostly devoted to the family and love the be the part of the house.

With the Family and Children

The behavior of a cavapoo is very good for the family and children. They love to play with kids and also with the other family members. They like to be part of everything that goes on in the house.

With the Other Pets

Cavapoo likes other pets and loves to play with the other pets that are in your house. They feel comfortable with the other dogs.

With the Strangers

The behavior of a cavapoo is also good with the strangers but they will quickly let an owner know when there is a stranger near or inside the home.


Like other breeds, cavapoo also needs your attention and care. They need regular exercise and care for their coat. This dog needs proper, regular good quality food for its nutritional needs at a different stage of its life. A cavapoo does not need special cares but you have to spend some time with it so that it may fit into any lifestyle.


Cavapoo needs a formulated diet at the different stages of the age. You should split the meal of your cavapoo dog two to three times a day. The food should be full of nutritions but dont need any special food. A standard cavapoo dog needs 300 to 400 calories per day.


The training of a Cavoodles is very easy. The best way to train this dog is through positive reinforcement. You have to train your cavapoo in a gentle way because this dog is very sensitive. You have to start the training of your cavapoo dog when it is a puppy. You should socialize it with other pets, a wide range of people, and the children. You should monitor the interactions of this dog with young children and other animals. Good socialization makes your dog full friendly.


The coat of cavapoo can be different from dog to dog and you it needs much grooming to keep things tidy. The coat of a cavapoo needs brushing regularly. Unsightly tear stains under the eyes of the dog should gently be cleaned with a damp cloth daily.

Health issues

Cavapoo is known as a good healthy dog but it has some key health problems. The key health problems of a cavapoo are dogs slipping kneecaps, congenital heart attacks, and progressive retinal atrophy.


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