Cavapoochon Dog Breeders-Facts and Info

Cavapoochon dog breed information and breeders. The details of Cavapoochon temperament, puppies, adults size and exercise needs. The colors of cavapoochon puppies like white, brown, and black with names and price range in the UK. The pictures of this beautiful dog.

Cavapoochon Dog Breeders-Facts and Info
Cavapoochon Dog Breeders-Facts and Info


Cavapoochon is a triple-crossbreed dog and has the most qualities of the Poodle, Cavalier King Charles, and the Bichon Frise. Cavapoochon is the best choice and perfect for dog lovers who are facing allergies. This is an adorable miniature dog and never gets old as it always looks like a puppy. Cavapoochon has almost all the qualities of its parent breed.


The look of cavapoochon is adorable and unique. This dog is one of the most attractive and beautiful dogs. The key physical characteristics of this dog are mentioned as under:

Looks like a Puppy

The key and noticeable feature of this dog is that it looks like a puppy even they are grown up.


The coat of a cavapoochon is mostly fleece and this coat is entirely hypoallergenic. The fur of these dogs can be curly or wavy which depends on the breeding parents. The coat of this dog may be replaced with sleek fur and silkier as they grow up and this coat is easy to be maintained.


The size of a cavapoochon is small. The average size of this dog can be from 28 to 32 cm.


The common colors of a cavapoochon are white, black, and brown. Some puppies of this dog have a white chest and face.


The lifespan of a cavapoochon is longer as compared to the other famous breeds. The average lifespan of this dog is 17 to 20 years.


Cavapoochon has a thick coat and key features of their parent breed, so this is the reason that they dont need dog shedding.


The behavior of cavapoochon dog is playful and cheerful. This dog is always perfect with the children so these qualities make this dog an ideal family pet. The behavior of this dog is also perfect with other pets and even with cats. This dog always looks to make new friends and is extremely sociable.


This dog needs a little bit of maintenance and care. You should groom and give a bath to this dog on a regular basis so that it should smelling fantastic and looking good. You should brush the coat of your cavapoochon regularly to prevent any knots. Regular brushing makes the coat of this dog soft and silky.


The training of cavapoochon is very easy as this dog loves to play and run around. This dog is a perfect partner of your kids and family in terms of playing. You also should take your dog on the walk regular basis. You should give some time yo your dog for play to avoid any kind of frustration.

Key Qualities

  • Cavapoochon is the best choice for the people who face allergies because of its thicker fleece coat
  • This dog needs less exercise as this is a lower energy dog
  • Cavapoochon dog is a good choice who are looking for a small dog
  • Cavapoochon dont need much space and can adjust in a small flat
  • The look of this dog is very cute and it is very clever and highly intelligent
  • This dog is very sociable
  • The grooming of this dog is much easy and it doesnt need shedding

Cavapoochon average prices

The average price range of a cavapoochon is from 2000USD to 4000USD.


1. Do Cavapoochons bark loudly?
No! This dog is not a high barker

2. Is this dog good with Other Pets?
The behavior of this dog and amazing with other dogs

3. Does a Cavapoochon have Health Problem?
This dog is not considered a health problem


There are some famous and experienced cavapoochon breeders around the globe and especially in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. The list of these cavapoochon dog breeders is mentioned under:

Cavapoochon Breeders in the UK

Name: Raffles Cockapoos
Phone Number: 01270 524117
Response Time: 48 Hours

Name: Rosedale Doodles
Phone Number: 07909 232836 or 01772 619412
Response Time: 24 Hours
Address: Rosedale, Gill Lane, Longton, Preston Pr4 4SR

Name: Posh Poos
Phone Numbers: 01772 619414

Cavapoochon Breeders in the USA

Name: Cuddly Cavapoochons
Phone: NA

Name: Golden Heart Doodles
Phone: (209) 380-3911
Address: Elk Grove, California

Cavapoochon Pictures

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