Corgi Husky Mix Facts & Complete Info

Corgi Husky Mix or Husky Corgi Mix is the result of cross-breeding between Welsh Corgi and a Siberian Husky. This dog is also known as Siborgi, Corgski, and Corgi. The breeding of a Husky Corgi Mix was tested for the first time back in 1930. The parent breeds of this dog are recognized by the American Kennel Club which is also known as AKC but Corgi Husky Mix is not recognized by this organization.

Corgi Husky Mix Facts & Complete Info
Corgi Husky Mix Facts & Complete Info

A Corgi Husky Mix is a playful and people-loving dog. This dog comes in a smaller size and is known as cuddliest and cutest dog in the world. The behavior of this dog is good for the people and is the best choice for the family and older children.


The Corgi Husky Mix is small in size and lowest in weight. The legs of this dog are short and have a long back with bigger ears. The coat of this dog is fuzzy and has a round face with almond-shaped Husky eyes. This dog looks much cute when it comes to pure white color. The cream color is also awesome when it comes to this dog.


Corgi Husky Mix is smaller in the size as compared to its parents breeds. The average weight of this dog can be between 20 to 40 pounds and the hight of this dog can be from 13 to 16 inches.


The coat of a Corgi Husky Mix comes in a variety of colors. The popular and most common colors in a Corgi Husky Mix are Orange, Cream, White, Black, Blue, Brown, and Red. The colors of these dogs can be singular or tri-color.


The coat of a Husky Corgy Mix also comes in variations. The coat of its parent breed, Corgi can be long and the coat of its second parent breed, Husky can be thicker and longer. A Corgi Husky Mix can have a coat like both its parent breeds. This dog has a double coat means thick undercoat and long topcoat.


We had described above that Corgi Husky Mix and is popular in mixed dog breeds which is a crossbreed and it is much difficult to say exect about the temperament of this dog. In general, this dog is known as loyal and intelligent. This dog is deeply attached to its owner. This dog is a friendly dog and has good behavior even with strangers. This dog likes to bark and will much and if you dont train this dog properly. This dog is also known as a companion dog and will be irritated if left alone. A Corgi Husky Mix is also known as a highly active dog.

The behavior of Corgi Husky Mix is excellent with the family and kids. This dog loves to play with the kids and other family members. We recommend this dog if you have some children of young age.


Corgi Husky Mix is the result of two working breeds and this dog love to please its owner. This dog is also intelligent and needs proper training. This dog is also one of the strong dogs therefore, you should train this dog with patient and motivation. You should neven punish this dog. Corgi Husky Mix is a dog that obeys the orders.


Like all other mix-breeds, Corgi Husky Mix also requires proper exercise. We had described above that this dog is highly active and needs almost 60 minutes of daily exercise. Let this dog play in the yard. This dog needs to live indoors but love to play outdoor. The exercise of this dog at the early stage of its age is useful for the health of its short legs and long back. You should not over-exercise this dog. This dog has a double coat and cant survive in hotter conditions. Try to keep this dog in low-temperature conditions.


Corgi Husky Mix is known as healthy dogs. Like other breeds, the proper food and diet are necessary for the good health of Corgi Husky Mix. You should regular in providing the food to this dog otherwise, it will get ill. The food of this dog should be divided into three times in the day. You have to provide the food that is full of nutrition as proper calories are necessary for the good health of this dog.

Health Issues

Corgi Husky Mix has some serious health issues. Obesity is a common health problem in these dogs. This problem can be solved by proper care and training of this dog. Von Willebrands is another disease that is very common in a Corgi Husky Mix. Achondroplasia is a major disease that affects the health of your Corgi Husky Mix.

Due to the double coat of this dog, you should select a good shampoo for the bat of this dog. The water that you use for the bath of this dog should not be very warm or cold. The paw pads of this dog should be smooth regularly as this dog can be affected while walking outside. In order to prevent this dog from paw allergies and ingrown nails, you should regularly trim them.

Shedding Requirements

Corgi Husky Mix needs more grooming requirements due to the thick double coat. You should take this dog to a groomer at least once a week. The coat of this dog is water-resistant and it is not easy for the bath of this dog. This dog has a long feathering fur around neck, ears, tail, legs, and feet and needs trimming after every 45 days. You should give a bath to your Corgi Husky Mix at least twice in a month to keep it healthy and good smelling.

Life Expectancy

The parent breeds of Corgi Husky Mix has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years years and Corgi Husky Mix has a life expectancy of the same as its parent breed so, we can expect the life expectancy of Corgi Husky Mix from 10 to 15 years.

Average Cost

The cost of a Corgi Husky Mix Puppy is in the range of $800 to $3500 if you buy it from a well-known breeder. This dog is much rare and you may be asked to pay more than the above-mentioned price. You should always buy a Corgi Husky Mix from a reputable breeder and ask for recommended health certificates of the parents of this dog. If you are adopting this dog, you should know that there will be some extra costs.

Short Breed Summary

Coat: Thick, fluffy, straight
Color: Black, white, red, blue, cream, orange or brown
Size: 13 to 15 inches tall
Weight: 20-50lb
Lifespan: 12-15 Years
Do They Shed: Yes
Temperament: Intelligent, playful and loyal
Intelligence: These dogs are very intelligent
Socialization: Required with unknown dogs
Destructive Behavior: Destructive when bored
People Skills: Excellent with new people
Good with Children: Boisterous nature and therefore can be unpredictable around younger children
Activity Levels: High activity levels, 60 minutes of exercise daily


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