F1b Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

Goldendoodle is the result of cross-breeding of a standard Poodle with a Golden Retriever. The breed percentage of F1B Goldendoodle is 25% Golden Retriever and 75% standard Poodle. The reason for the breeding of F1b Goldendoodle was to have a dog that may have the qualities of Poodle and Golden Retriever and may need no shedding. This dog is the best choice for people who suffer from animal allergies and asthma.

F1b Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info
F1b Goldendoodle Facts & Complete Info

Look & Size of F1b Goldendoodle

The look of an F1b Goldendoodle is beautiful and sometimes it looks like a teddy bear. A good and loyal dog can put a smile at your face and F1b Goldendoodle has this quality. The average size of F1b Goldendoodle can be from 14 to 19 inches and the average weight of this dog can be from 16 to 30 pounds. The coat of this dog is wany and curly. You have to properly take care of the coat of this dog otherwise, the will get matted. For the good care of the coat of this dog, you need to groom it regularly. This dog has the quality to adjust to almost any living situation. This dog is suitable for small homes and apartments.

Training of F1B Goldendoodle

The training of F1b Goldendoodle is very easy but should be kept regularly. This dog can be your good companion of a long or short walk, or on a hike. A total of 20 to thirty minutes walk is necessary for this dog. This dog has the capability to adjust in hot or cold weather. You should socialize this dog with kids, family members, and other pets at the early stage of its age. This dog doesnt need any extra training. This dog is playful and active and also keeps you active.

The temperament of F1b Bernedoodle

The F1b Goldendoodle has a lot of qualities and that makes it a perfect family dog. The behavior of this dog is excellent with kids, family members, other pets, and even with cats. This dog has the qualities of a highly intelligent, playful, non-aggressive, loyal, loving, and sweet dog. The behavior of this dog can also be excellent with strangers if it was socialized properly.

Food or Diet of F1b Goldendoodle

Like all other breeds, F1b Goldendoodle also needs proper food and diet for physical and mental health as this dog is energetic. This dog keeps itself busy in running and playing and needs 600 to 1000 calories per day that depends upon the weight, size, and age. The good of this dog should be decided into two to three times in 24 hours instead of giving it at once. The food of this dog can be equal to two to three cups of kibble for a day. Fats and proteins are the basic requirements for this dog so you should provide the food that has proper fats and protein to fulfill their nutritional requirements. You should make a timetable for the food of this dog.

Maintenance of F1b Goldendoodle

F1b Goldendoodle is an almost low maintenance dog and has almost no need for shedding. The coat of this dog needs proper care and you should brush and clip it two times a week. You should give a bath to this dog once a week. You also have to clean the nails, ears, and eyes of this dog regularly. You may know this that low maintenance grooming doesnt mean that no grooming. Proper care of this dog makes its qualities good.

Health Issues of F1b Goldendoodle

We know that almost all breeds of dogs have some kind of health issue. F1b Goldendoodle also has some health concerns that it inherits from its parents breeds. Some key health issues of this dog are mentioned under:


Bloat, which is also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus. This disease happened when the stomach of an F1b Goldendoodle fales with expands, fills with food or gas which places pressure on surrounding organs.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation is also known as a knee injury and is common in F1b Goldendoodle. You should take care of your F1b Goldendoodle while jumping and running.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is another disease that an F1b Goldendoodle inherits from its parents breeds.

Popular Breeders of F1b Goldendoodle

You should select well-known and experienced F1b Goldendoodle breeds when trying to buy the puppies. You should always choose the breeds that breed small doodles. You should complete your investigation before selecting any F1b Goldendoodle breeder. Some of the most popular and well-known F1b Goldendoodle breeders are mentioned as under:

F1b Goldenbreeders in the United States

  • Name: Winding Creek Ranch Goldendoodles
    Phone: NA
    Address: 7124 US Hwy 136, Crawfordsville
  • Name: Miniature Goldendoodles
    Phone: 740-590-4262
    Address: Shade, OH, United States
  • Name: Artisan Miniature Labradoodles
    Phone: 801-426-5792
    Address: S Main St, Payson
  • Name: Sandy Ridge Mini Goldendoodles
    Phone: NA
    Address: NA

F1b Goldendoodles breeders in Canada

  • Name: Goldenbellekennels
    Phone: 519-450-9820
    Address: Lucknow
  • Name: Mini Goldendoodle Puppies
    Phone: 647-956-0412
    Address: Toronto
  • Name: Doodle Creek
    Phone: 519-356-2078
    Address: 7149-7001 Road 169, Atwood

F1b Goldendoodles breeders in the United Kingdom

  • Name: Pleasantpuppies
    Address: Mount Pleasant Farm, Norton Hill, Austrey CV9 3ED, United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 7595 975800


Do F1b Goldendoodles bark a lot?

Ans. The behavior of F1b Goldendoodle is cool and the behavior of this dog is also good with the stranges, so this dog doesnt bark a lot.

What is the average cost of an F1b Goldendoodle?

Ans. The average cost of a full-grown F1b Goldendoodle can be from 1600 to $2800 which depends on the breed information, colors, size, age, and health of this dog.

Does F1b Goldendoodle need shedding?

Ans. F1b Goldendoodle is a low maintenance dog and almost doesnt need shedding.

Is a Mini Goldendoodles good dog?

Ans. F1b Goldendoodle has a lot of qualities like loyal, good with children and family members, can adjust in small houses or apartments, the best choice for the people who suffer from allergies, so this dog is a perfect choice.

Does a F1b Goldendoodle need a lot grooming?

Ans. IF you can take care of this dog properly and regularly, there is almost no need for grooming.

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