Facts about Cavachon-A Perfect Family Dog

Cavachon is the result of a Cavalier and a Bichon Frise. These are the most popular hybrids and were first seen in 1997. Cavachon dog is much famous in the United States and also in the United Kingdom. They got 15th position in the poll of a popular 100 dogs created by A UK television network.

Facts about Cavachon-A Perfect Family Dog
Facts about Cavachon-A Perfect Family Dog


The appearance of Cavachon is different from each other as they are a crossbreed. Most of Cavachon dogs are small-sized with a broad back and chest and have a sturdy body with strong-boned legs. Cavachons have a delicate and smooth coat that could either be straight, wavy, or wavy, contingent upon which parent they take after. The coat of a Cavachon can be solid-colored or particolored. Since a Bichon Frise has a dominant color of white, many of these crossbreeds tend to have the same color on them.


Cavachon has a height of 12 to 14 inches which is equal to 31 to 36 cm and a weight of 10 to 20 pounds which is equal to 5 to 9 kgs. These statistics are an average of full-grown Cavachon dogs. These hybrids can come in a variety of sizes that are outside the above-mentioned average.


Cavachon is generally simple to think about contrasted with other little crossbreeds. You may have to spend a little greater time brushing their fluffy fur, but those hybrids typically suffer from fewer fitness problems. Plus, the small size way they eat much less food. Cavachon is low-maintenance and requires less grooming compared to other dogs. Keep their coat shiny using a brush daily.

You should regularly take care of your Cavachons eyes. Always use a moist towel or cloth to remove stains and discharge from the fur around your dogs eyes. These dogs also have the problem of dog ear infection and you must clean their ears at least once a week.

Proper Diet

Cavachon dogs need to eat high-quality food rich in nutrients. You should provide 30 to 40 calories per pound of bodyweight of the dog. You can divide one cup of dog food a day 2 to 3 small meals. Try to change the kibble if your dog refuses to eat. You should stop Cavachon from eating grass as it is much worse for these dogs.


Cavachon dogs dont need much exercise but there is no doubt that they are active dogs. They just need a daily walk of 30 to 40 minutes but you can also get them on a long walk. These dogs also like a swim in the pool, lake, or beach. You can also bring them along on your family vacation.


Cavachons dogs are intelligent, curious and you can train them easily. You should train these dogs consistently. You need to begin with essential orders, housebreaking and potty preparing, and socialization, which will be simple since these mutts love to please their owners. Raising your voice and being harsh with them as they are sweet-tempered creatures.


Cavachons are very popular among dogs lovers because of their different unique qualities, so they are also costly. You can get this fun-loving and sweet dog at prices that range anywhere from $1,300 to $6,500. The average cost of a Cavachon puppy is more than $800.

FAQs on the temperament of Cavachon

Are Cavachons great family dogs?

Yes! These are adaptable dogs and has the ability to fit in anywhere and in any family.

Are Cavachons aggressive?

No! Cavachons are not much aggressive.

Are Cavachons excessive barkers?

No! Cavachons arent happy and they dont bark as much as other dogs, so noise shouldnt be a problem.

Will Cavachon get along with other dogs and pets?

Cavachon can tolerate other pets if they grew up with them, but you will still need to provide socialization to be sure.

Can Cavachons be left alone?

Cavachons are adaptable, but leaving them alone could trigger separation anxiety and result in destructive behavior.

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