Groodle Dog Facts, Temperament & Information

The groodle is widely known as Goldendoodle. This dog is a crossbreed of Golden Retrievers and a poodle. Groodle was first in the notice in 1990 and is known as a family pet, companion animal, loving, friendly with everybody and always happy. This Dog is completely tolerant and loyal.

Groodle Dog Facts, Temperament & Information
Groodle Dog Facts, Temperament & Information


Groodle is a result of cross-breeding of a poodle and Golden Retriever and therefore, they are also called hybrid vigor and these dogs are healthier than the Golden Retriever and Poodle. These are the dogs that need a very little shed.


Groodle is much healthier as compared to the poodle and Golden Retriever. These dogs are perfect for people with allergies because they rarely shed any hair. These dogs have a medium coat. These dogs are easy to groom and look after.


Groodle dogs are patient, gentle, loyal, obedient, intelligent and active and need the attention and care of a devoted family to remain happy and healthy. These dugs have different colors like red, cream, black and chocolate.


Daily exercise is good for these dogs. Groodle needs a lot of mental stimulation. You can take them with you when you are on a long walk. Groodles are very subject to their owners and in this manner despise being deserted. Because of their size, this isnt constantly conceivable.


The training of a groodle is very easy. You should start their training since they are the puppies. These dogs can easily obey your commands. You can make the behavior of a groodle with your family and children good with proper training.


The most groodles are in the medium size. The standard groodle weight of groodle is 30 to 45kg and height up to 65 cm to the shoulder. The average weight of the medium weight of the groodle is 25 to 30kg and the height is around 50 to 55cm.

Health Risk

The groodle has an average probability of having health issues in its lifetime. Skin Allergies and Hip Dysplasia, Conjunctivitis, Wound, Gait abnormality, Dermatitis, and Otitis externa are common diseases in these dogs.


The behavior of groodle is gentle with the other pets and children. Everybody is like a friend to this dog when they are around people. You have to give proper attention to your groodles because they do not like to be alone for a long time. They will become destructive if they are not getting proper attention. Some times, these dogs misbehave when they are destructive.

Bark Busters

Groodle is also known as bark busters as these dogs are very active. These dogs also work as a guard of your house.


A groodle has some needs. You should care about the following needs of your groodle.


Groodle is a playful dog and you must have some time to play with to keep your dog out of trouble. These dogs are also kids friendly and your kids can also play with groodle. If you are going out of the house, you should leave a toy for the groodle to spend the time.


The good food is a basic need for a groodle. Good nutrition can affect the behavior of your dog. You have to provide food to your dog which has some amount of cavaliers.

Good Shelter

If you have a groodle, you should provide good shelter for it. You can put the dog bed in any part of your house. Groodle is generally indoor dogs and you should put some toys near the bed of the dog as groodle love the toy because it provides them with several different experiences.

Popular Names

The popular names of groodle are like Jessie, Barkley, Bella, Georgie, Jessie, Leo, Lana, Maddie, Milly, Ollie, Sophie, Teddy, Zoey, Brody, Chloe, Darla, Goldie, and Bailey.


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