Irish Doodle Dog Breed Facts and Information

Irish Doodles are cross of a Poodle and Irish Setter. Irish Doodle is breeding to produce healthy puppies which are friendliness and happy-go-lucky nature of the Irish Setter and also are combined with the non-shedding coat of the Poodle.

Irish Doodle Dog Breed Facts and Information
Irish Doodle Dog Breed Facts and Information

Irish Doodle Complete Breed Details and Description

Irish Doodles are medium and large-sized dogs with a maximum height of two feet and the weight range is from 30 to 80 pounds. Irish Doodles just needs regular walks and exercise and are active dogs. These dogs are receptive to training techniques and once they are trained. Irish Doodles are good with families, other pets, and kids. They have strong devotion with the owner, native intelligence, and are excellent watchdogs. Irish Doodles have good health naturally, are low-maintenance, and naturally easy to clean and easy to house train dogs.

Irish Doodle History

Irish Doodle was known as Irish Setter before breeding the 18th century. In the beginning, Irish Setters did not look as red as we know the breed today. After breeding, this dog was produced in red color.

Irish Doodle Look

Irish Doodles have an elongated face, and darkened muzzle, tidy look, and a long coat, Their ears hang very close to their round-shaped eyes. After studies of hybrid mixes and their coats, It was revealed that when the poodle is bred with any soft-coated, long-haired breed like an Irish Setter, the result is a shaggy, wavy coat.

Irish Doodle Colors

Irish Doodles are medium and large-sized dogs. The hight and the weight details of Irish Doodle are mentioned as under:

Average Adult Height: 22-30 inches
Average Adult Weight: 45-75 lbs

Irish Doodle Nature

Irish Doodles have excellent intelligence, good-looking, decent, pleasant dogs and have the qualities of amiable, dedication, and are self-assured. They were also used in the circus. The training of these dogs in much easy. Irish Doodle puppies need a lot of attention and exercise because they tend to be high-energy dogs.

Irish Doodle Behaviours

Irish Doodle Behaviours with Children

Irish Doodles are well socialized and are good with the kids and children. These dogs are suitable to breed for kids and are known to be energetic, playful, and affectionate around them. You should supervise while these dogs are playing with the kids and children.

Irish Doodle Behaviours with Strangers

If Irish Doodle is not socialized properly, they can be aggressive with strangers. Giving training to these dogs at an early age can make them comfortable with strangers.

Irish Doodle Behaviours with Other Pets

You should socialize Irish Doodle with the other pets at a very young age when they are puppies. Usually, these dogs are agreeable with other pets.

How to maintain Irish Doodle

The Irish Doodle is a moderate maintenance dog. They need regular exercise and a good diet. Irish Doodles are perfect for owners as they are rarely shedding.

Exercise Requirement

Irish Doodles requires a daily long walk, jogging, and running and that is important for the physical and mental health of these dogs. If they do not have enough exercise, they may fall prey to obesity.

Range of Temperature

Irish Doodles can adapt well to a variety of temperatures as they have a thick coat.

Grooming Requirement

Irish Doodles have a shaggy coat that is the reason why they are easy to groom. You should brush then at least once after ten days. You should use shampoo while giving a bath.

Living Requirement

Irish Doodles need some space to exercise and they feel well in apartments. They also feel well in an average-sized yard where they can have sufficient exercise.

Irish Doodle Life and Health

Irish Doodles should have general problems like blindness, deafness, and hip dysplasia. The owners should watch out for general health. Irish Doodles have an average lifespan of 11 to 15 years.

Irish Doodle Pictures

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