Long Haired German Shepherd Facts & Complete Info

Long Haired German Shepherd is intelligent, protective, loving, and loyal. This breed of the German shepherd is more popular in young people, families, and couples. There is no much difference between a standard German Shepherd and a Long Haired German Shepherd. The only difference between a German Shepherd and a Long Haired German Shepherd is a generic fault which gives this dog a long and single-coated fur. The Long-haired German Shepherd was its standard siblings. This dog has almost all the characteristics of its siblings. The long-haired German Shepherd came to notice back in 1899 and was recognized by Kennel Club in 1908.

Long Haired German Shepherd Facts & Complete Info
Long Haired German Shepherd Facts & Complete Info


The long-haired German Shepherd is longer than tall. The coat of a long-haired German Shepherd is single means they can not afford more cold as compared to a standard German Shepherd. Due to the coat size, these dogs are much dependent on shedding and a good vacuum cleaner is also needed. A long-haired German Shepherd should have a black nose, almond eyes, clear cut head, bushy tail, and erect ears.


The size of a long haired German Shepherd can be longer than other variations of German Shepherd. The average size of a long-haired German Shepherd near about 21 to 27 inches. The male black German Shepherd can be tall in the size as compared to the female. The weight of this dog can be between 55 to 85 pounds and here again, the male has more weight than females.


The fur of this dog may come into different colors. The most common colors in a long-haired German Shepherd are Tan, Blue, Liver, Black, Sable, Black, And Tan.


A long-haired German Shepherd had long and single-coated fur is from medium to long and straight and that may be longer on the body and shorter on head and legs. This dog has a double coat which helps this dog to protect from cold.


long-haired German Shepherd is a dog that has some various behaviors. This dog can be a good companion to you and your family. This dog can be a good guard of your house and family. These dogs are also used as working dogs in police and military. A long-haired German Shepherd can also be used as a search dog. The Temperament of this dog depends much on its training. Naturally, a long-haired German Shepherd is not a much aggressive dog but some times, it reacts as aggressive. This dog can also be a good play dog with your kids. It this dog gets bored, the behavior of this can be aggressive with anyone. If this dog is left also with nothing to do, this dog can be stressed highly.

Temperament with Kids and Family

The behavior of this dog is excellent with the kids and family. This dog is a playful dog and keeps your kids playing and enjoying. A long-haired German Shepherd is a good companion of your family and kids.


long-haired German Shepherd is a very high energy dog and needs regular exercises on a regular basis and you should start the basic training that this dog needs at the early stage of its age. A daily walk of just 50 minutes is necessary for this dog to keep it healthy and happy. This dog love when you take care of it and is known as an affectionate dog. If you dont pay proper attention, this dog becomes sad.


The training of a long-haired German Shepherd is not much each. You have to train this dog as per your requirements. This dog is very intelligent and obeys its owner. The training of this dog must be started at the early stage of its age. You should start the training of your puppy at the age of four to six weeks.


Like other breeds, the proper food and diet are necessary for the good health of long-haired German Shepherd. You should regular in providing the food to this dog otherwise, it will get ill. The food of this dog should be divided into three times in the day. You have to provide the food that is full of nutrition as proper calories are necessary for the good health of this dog.

Health Issues

A long-haired German Shepherd is a dog with a heavyweight is has some serious health issues. This dog is vulnerable to diseases and is affected by the cold in the winter season and child air. You should provide a blanket to long-haired German Shepherd when they are in winter or in the air-conditioned room. The change in temperature also can affect the health of this dog. Skin allergies are common in these dogs. As the skin of this dog is very thin, therefore, this dog suffers from rashes, puffy eyes, and other health issues. You should also clear the tear stains off your long-haired German Shepherd.

You should select a good shampoo for the bat of this dog. The water that you use for the bath of this dog should not be very warm or cold. The paw pads of this dog should be smooth regularly as this dog can be affected while walking outside. In order to prevent this dog from paw allergies and ingrown nails, you should regularly trim them. The most common health issues of a long-haired German Shepherd are mentioned under:

  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Dog Subaortic Stenosis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cataracts
  • Hock Osteochondrosis

Shedding Requirements

long-haired German Shepherd needs more grooming requirements as compared to other breeds but his dog is less remaining in grooming than a German Shepherd. This dog has a long feathering fur around neck, ears, tail, legs, and feet and needs trimming after every 45 days. You should give a bath to your black German Shepherd at least twice in a month to keep it healthy and good smelling.

Life Expectancy

The parent breeds of long-haired German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years years and long-haired German Shepherd have a life expectancy of the same as its parent breed so, we can expect a life expectancy of long-haired German Shepherd from 9 to 13 years.

Average Cost

The cost of a long-haired German Shepherd Puppy is in the range of $400 to $2500 if you buy it from a well-known breeder. This dog is much rare and you may be asked to pay more than the above-mentioned price. You should always buy a long-haired German Shepherd from a reputable breeder and ask for recommended health certificates of the parents of this dog. If you are adopting this dog, you should know that there will be some extra costs.

Breed Characteristics

Size Males (24 to 26 inches) and Females (22 to 24 inches)
Weight Males (66-88 pounds) and Females (49 to 73 pounds)
Lifespan 9 - 13 years
Breed Type Herding
Purpose Herding and Working
Suitable For Young Individuals, Couples And Families
Color Variations Sable, Black, And Tan, Black, White, Red, Tan, Blue, Bicolor, Liver, And Panda
Temperament Loyal, Protective, Loving, Hard-Working And Intelligent



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