Sheepadoodle Dog Facts & Complete Information

Sheepadoodle is a beautiful and lovely dog which is a crossbreed of a poodle and Old English Sheepdog. Sheepadoodle has many qualities like loving, smart, playful, any many more. This dog inherits traits from their parents. This dog is known with many names like Sheepdogpoo, Sheepdogdoodle, Sheeppoo, Sheep-A-Poo, Sheepapoo, and many others.

Sheepadoodle Dog Facts & Complete Information
Sheepadoodle Dog Facts & Complete Information


Sheepadoodle was one of the breeds that were experimented in 1980 and onward. The breed of this dog was created in hopes that they will have the key qualities of their parents. This dog is an equal 50-50 percent mix of a Standard Poodle the Old English Sheepdog. This dog is very popular in the United States and has a history of almost 30 to 40 years. At the early period of its breeding, sheepadoodle was known as a working dog but now it very popular as a family pet.


Sheepadoodles dogs are active and intelligent and have almost all the qualities of their parents. These dogs are friendly nature and require low shedding. This dog is also brilliant and has an addition to the house. Sheepadoodle is often a favorite dog for the family because of its key qualities like obedient, sociable, and super calm. The behavior of this dog is also good with the other pets and also with the kids and other family members.


The common colors in a sheepadoodle are white, black, red, brown or grey. This dog has a square or rounded face. A sheepadoodle has signature gorgeous low hanging ears but it has small eyes. The Coat of a sheepadoodle can be in the shape of curly or straight and their eyes are almost covered with the coat.


Depending on the size of the parents, sheepadoodle may have different sizes. The average size of a standard sheepadoodle can be 16 to 29 inches and may have the weight 28 to 40 kgs.


As we had mentioned above that a sheepadoodle is a low-shedding. This dog has long straight and sometimes curly hairs and needs brushing regularly to keep his tangle and free matt free. You can also take some grooming tips from the professionals. You should give a bat to your sheepadoole at least once a week to keep it healthy.

Health Issues

Sheepadoodle has good health as compared to its parents but they inherit some diseases from the standard poodle and Old English Sheepdog like Dog Cushings, bloating, joint swelling and pain.


Sheepadoodle is also known as an obedient and fast learner. It is much tough to train this sheepadoodle dog as a watchdog and has the ability to recognize strangers. This is much important that you should do the early socialization of a sheepadoodle.


A high-quality kibbles diet is very important for a sheepadoodle. You should feed your dog two to three times a day in small portions and adjust the amount of food that you are providing them if you see are losing weight or putting on.


Sheepadoodle needs structured exercise like a big boy. You should provide routines without leave. If you go for a long walk, you can take your sheepadoodle as a good companion. This dog also loves socializing and swimming. You can also take your sheepadoodle in dog parks.


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