Spoodles Dog Breeders-Facts and Complete Info

Spoodles dogs are the result of the cross-breeding of Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Spoodle is an ideal choice for dog lovers who face allergies with other pets. This dog doesnt need shredding and has a single long soft coat. Spoodle came in popularity back in the 1950s.

Spoodles Dog Breeders-Facts and Complete Info
Spoodles Dog Breeders-Facts and Complete Info


Spoodles are very popular dogs, especially in the United States. Lady Gaga also owns a Spoodle with the name of Fozzie and when this dog died, she changed the color of her hair as her dog. Spoodles are hypoallergenic dogs and are the best choice for all people whore face allergies. This dog also doesnt need of shedding.


Spoodles are very sociable and can live in a small house or apartment. Spoodles are not aggressive dogs but they can be a good guard as they barks when they see any stanger. Spoodles are also known as very Intelligent dogs and are hight energy.


The average size of a Spoodle dog is small and their hight can be between 25 to 38cm which depends on the breed of the parents. Spoodles comes in without or with white markings, black, brown, gold, and blonds. Their coat is lengthy and the average weight of a spoodle can be from 6 to 15 kgs. The breed classification of this dog is poodle-crosses or oodles.


The behavior of a spoodle is always good with kids, family members, and other pets. They are known as Intelligent, playful, and friendly dogs.


The food of a spoodle is not much expensive it needs regular calories. You should prove food to your spoodle two to three times a day and you should visit the groomer every six to seven weeks. Dont overfeed your spoodle as this dog has the tendency of weight gain.


Spoodles are known as non-shedding dogs. These dogs have a long coat and need to take care regularly. You should give a bath to your dog twice a week with shampoo. You also should brush and clip the coat of tour spoodle on regular basis. The cleaning of ears and teeth is required on a daily basis. Professional grooming is also required for a spoodle.


Spoodles have a strong level of curiosity and are easy to train. Spoodles like the company of old age people. This dog continues playing and running in the apartment and you can also take your spoodle on a long or short walk.

Health Issues

The spoodle is a naturly healthy dog but it has some serious health issues. Liver Disease, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, and Patellar luxation are the common diseases of a spoodle.


The breeders of spoodles are available almost all around the world especially in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and the United Kingdom. The details of famous spoodle breeders are mentioned as under:

Spoodles Breeders in Australia

  1. Name: Enigma Spoodles
    Address: Enigma Spoodles
    Phone: 61 2 9651 2907
  2. Name: Valley View Dogs
    Phone: 61 3 5192 4372
  3. Name: Billabong Creek Kennels
    Address: 43 Johnsons Ln, Willung South VIC 3847, Australia
    Phone: 61 3 5194 2374

Spoodle Breeders in New Zealand

  1. Name: Southern Star
    Phone: 0273918711
  2. Name: Sunriver NZ
    Address: Gisborne, New Zealand 4094

Spoodles Breeders in the United States

  1. Name: Valley View
    Address: Gippsland, Victoria.
    Phone: 03 5192 4372
  2. Name: Ethical Breeders
    Address: 43 Johnsons Lane
  3. Name: Jans Cockapoos
    Address: West Orange, NJ
    Phone: 973-632-1338
  4. Name: Deaz Cockapoos
    Phone: 765-914-5807

Spoodle Breeders in the United Kingdom

  1. Name: Name: 43 Johnsons Lane
    Address: Llandysul, United Kingdom
    Phone: 1545 560641
    Address: Okehampton, United Kingdom
    Phone: 845 644 1581
  3. Name: Kellys Kennels
    Phone: 1925 764222

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